Lesotho Tax registration forms

Taxpayer registration form for corporate bodies registered in Lesotho

Taxpayer information form for individuals liable to pay tax in Lesotho

Tax clearance certificate application form required by the Lesotho Revenue Authority

Business licensing

Application form for trade licence in accordance with Lesotho legislation

Work Permits

Work permit application form to take up employment in Lesotho

Lesotho Companies Act forms

From 1 – Application for a the registration of a new company in Lesotho

Form 1A – List of shareholders for ordinary shareholders

From 1B – List of shareholders other than ordinary

Form 3 – Application for the registration of an external company in Lesotho

Form 5 – Amendment to founding documents

Form 7 – Return of issue of shares

Form 8 – Consent to act as director

Form 9 – Change of directors

Form 10 – Change of registered office

Form 11 – Change of address for service or main business address

Form 12 – Annual report

Form 14 – Appointment of a liquidator

Form 15 – Cessation of business in Lesotho

Form 16 – Voluntary dissolution

Form 17 – Revocation of dissolution

Form 18 – Registration of a prospectus

Form 19 – Transfer of shares

Form 20 – Change of company name

Form 21 – Special resolution

Form 22 – Notice to increase share capital